Season 3 – 2014

Episode 42: 2014 Auckland Pride Parade

The 2014 Auckland Pride Parade: It was the Parade’s second birthday and crowds lined the streets creating a party atmosphere all along Ponsonby road. This years parade didn’t go without a hitch however — a medical emergency delayed it’s start, a group of protesters interrupted it, and there were often large gaps between floats, but when the city’s mayor cut […]

Episode 48: Max Currie

The feature film Everything We Loved opens tomorrow night at the New Zealand International Film Festival – this is the first feature film for director Max Currie. In this episode, Max talks to Andrew Whiteside about the film and their time working together a few years back on New Zealand’s first gay TV show Queer Nation. 26th July 2014

Episode 47: Roberto Nascimento

Eleven years ago Roberto Nascimento moved to New Zealand and has been performing ever since. He is part of the talented theatre troupe Dancemotion who have brought us the cult classics Terror Planet and Purple Rainbows. This year Roberto created a web TV series called The Adventures of Suzy Boon — it’s funny and just a bit different. 5th April […]

Episode 46: Chris Lorimer

Chris Lorimer has fashion in his blood – he’s been a stylist and creative director for magazines, advertising and fashion shows. He has a large international client list and been heavily involved in both New Zealand and Australian Fashion Weeks. 29th March 2014

Episode 45: Ricky Beirao

Ricky Beirao is a young Brazilian drag performer and actor who grew up in New Zealand. Now resident in Australia, his alter ego Rhubarb Rouge recently performed the solo lead role of Mistress Dominique in the play Lashings of Whipped Cream during Auckland’s Pride Festival. 22nd March 2014

Episode 44: Ryan Sanders

Ryan Sanders is a former Rugby player in new Zealand’s NPC or National Provincial Cup. This year he officially came out asking for more acceptance of gay rugby players. In 2010 Ryan was named the Young Entrepreneur of the year and runs his own travel company Haka Tours. 15th March 2014

Episode 43: Charlotte Yates

Charlotte Yates is a singer songwriter with a long pedigree. She made up one of the trio in When the Cat’s Been Spayed and has worked with some of New Zealand’s legendary poets to bring poetry and music together. Her latest album is called Archipelago — and once again Charlotte shares her beautiful voice with us. 8th March 2014

Episode 41: Pam Ann

Episode 41: Pam Ann

She’s the glamorous, funny and outrageously rude comedian who pokes fun at the airline industry. Her high camp antics have won her legions of gay fans around the world. Currently on a world tour, Pam Ann is in New Zealand for a single show during the 2014 Auckland Pride Festival. She graciously gave some time to Andrew Whiteside for a […]

Episode 40: Pride Picks

The 2014 Auckland Pride Festival has begun with a highly successful Gala which gave us a taste of what’s on offer over the next two weeks. Now its time to get down to choose what to see — this then is a selection of some of the highlights: A welcome addition to the festival this year, Mumbai Monologues is a […]

Episode 39: Auckland Pride 2014

Hello and welcome to a brand new season of GayTalk Tonight — this first episode of the season we are exploring the 2014 Auckland Pride Festival, which kicks off on February 6th. It’s the event we’ve waited a whole year for and now it’s time to celebrate as the 2014 Auckland Pride Festival kicks into gear. Covering 18 days the […]