Opinion: Has Brian Tamaki something to hide?

New Zealand’s Self proclaimed Bishop Brian Tamaki of Destiny church has blamed earthquakes on sinners and homosexuality.

Watch Andrew Whiteside’s opinion peiece where he tells Tamaki about other religious folk who’ve said equally nasty things about gay people. Ultimately we need to ask the question: Does Brian Tamaki have something to hide?



  1. Great video Andrew. Not sensational. Carefully researched, put together and calmly presented. It’s good to sit back and reflect more broadly. Thank you.

  2. A lot of people and ‘ ministers ‘ who publicly condemn homosexuality are closet gays themselves….research it!

  3. Exactly, well put as always Andrew

  4. Good editorial. NOte:: Jim and Tammy Faye’s Bakker surname is pronounced Baker like the guy who bakes a cake. Might seem like a small point but their names are well known, famous so recognition is important.

    • andrew@andrewwhiteside.com says:

      Thanks for your comments William. I couldn’t remember how to pronounce Bakker so thanks for the clarification.

  5. No worries Andrew…..James Orsen “Jim” Bakker (pronounced “Baker”; (NOT Backer) and his ex wife Tammy Faye ripped of thousands of their church members while living a millionaire lifestyle. They also misinterpreted the Bible to serve their own interests. Interesting comparison with Tamaki…..Annoying that the guy in video did not pronounce their name properly, ….BAKER!…..while a rose May smell as sweet by any other name, to correctly identify criminals you need to get their name right otherwise they may end up in South America..just Sayin…😆

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