Tyler Oakley at #Amplify Live

Award-winning #AmplifyLIVE headliner, Tyler Oakley, has been established as one of the most well renowned LGBTQ+ creators on the planet – by TIME Magazine as one of the 30 Most Influential People on the Internet – and by his more than 22 million followers across his platforms, including 8 million on his home of YouTube. Tyler’s passion for hilarious, engaging, and unapologetically personal storytelling isn’t limited to YouTube – in 2015 alone his award-winning podcast Psychobabble reached #1 on the iTunes store, he’s sold out 30 stops of his international Slumber Party themed tour, embarked on 20 stops for his international book tour for his honest New York Times topping memoir BINGE and released a no-holes-barred behind the scenes documentary called SNERVOUS.

He is appearing at #Amplifylive 2016 in Auckland and Wellington New Zealand
In partnership with Rimmel London, #AmplifyLIVE hits Auckland’s Bruce Mason Theatre on Saturday 16th April before moving to Wellington’s St James Theatre on April 17th. This incredible festival promises audiences a once in a lifetime opportunity for an intimate experience with their idols.

Auckland: Saturday 16th April – Bruce Mason Centre
Wellington: Sunday 17th April – St James Theatre


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